How to make low carb protein shakes like the RTD shakes in stores?

  1. How to make low carb protein shakes like the RTD shakes in stores?

    Anyone know a similar recipe to make shakes low carb and taste like the low carb ready to drink shakes such as the Muscle Milk or EAS ones you find in supermarkets?

    Whats their secret- sugar alcohols or some kind of oil? Mixing with water only gets me so far... I would love to know what they do to make those shakes taste and have the consistancy the way they do

  2. Have you tried using fat-free or 1/2% milk. Thickens it up and gives it a better taste IMO.

  3. From what Ive seen fat free and 1% milk have higher carb and sugar counts than whole milk. It does taste great with any kind of milk, though Im trying to cut as many carbs as possible on my diet right now

  4. You can use low carb milk (Hood / Calorie Countdown), and a packet of Equal or Splenda... Coconut Oil can be substituted for fats if needed.

    Skim Milk only has 8 or 9 grams of carbs via lactose anyway. You can use half milk and half water if you don't want to get the calorie countdown stuff.

    If you're trippin over 8 grams of carb via lactose once a day, you're likely not working hard enough.

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