Delicious Breakfast protein shake

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    Delicious Breakfast protein shake

    * 2 scoops whey - chocolate or vanilla (brand is not very important)

    * 1 scoop dry slim fast powder mix - chocolate or vanilla

    * 1 packet "low sugar" oatmeal - I prefer maple and brown sugar.

    * 10-12 oz Skim milk

    ***optional 1/2 banana.

    This recipe makes for a somewhat high calorie breakfast loaded with nutrition. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make this recipe work very well without a good blender. Target sells the Magic Bullet for $50. Target also sells a knock-off magic bullet for $30. I have the knock-off, and it is wonderful. I use it every morning for my shakes. When I get bored I experiment with mixtures ( this morning I made whey protein pancakes "not very good" ). Good luck

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