Tasty Chicken-Bean Stirfry

  1. Tasty Chicken-Bean Stirfry

    Okay came up with this when I was really hungry today and it turned out incredible. Really easy to cook too.

    Cooking time ~25 minutes

    basic ingredients
    ~3/4 lb of thinly cut up/sliced chicken breast
    ~1/2 large green pepper
    ~1/4 onion
    ~1 cup kidney beans (The red kind from the can, about a half a can)
    couple sticks of celery
    1 tbsp mayonaise
    olive oil
    spices: i used salt, pepper, gran marsala

    Turn burner to medium, put 10" nonstick frying pan on, wipe surface with olive oil
    Thinly cut chicken, put in frying pan, pour a decent amount of white vinegar on top and a lot of spices. As its slowly cooking, start cutting vegetables.

    When chicken is about 60% cooked (white flesh on outside) throw the vegetables in (not including beans). Add more spices and vinegar as desired, I also threw some wine I had lying around and drank a bit of it too. The wine and vinegar will simmer off and leave behind a nice flavor.

    When chicken appears about 90% cooked add the beans. After about 5 minutes or so throw a spoonful of mayo(about 1-1.5 tbsp) on top, then stir into the mixture.

    Continue to stir the mixture around for about a minute until the mayo makes a nice cream over the dish, then serve.

    Makes between 1 and 1.5 servings depending on your situation, you could probably easily increase or decrease the size. The mayo makes the dish taste really REALLY good as does all the spices. Without these, the dish would be really boring.

    Pros: lots of protein, not as much carbohydrate as other dishes, healthy fats
    Cons: i use a lot of salt

  2. Sounds awesome I'll have to give it a try thanks man.

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