Cutting Diet with Prop/Tren/Anavar

  1. Cutting Diet with Prop/Tren/Anavar


    This is my diet, its getting very difficult to stick too. ANY HELP WITH FLAVOR PLEASE!

    REAL Oats

    Black beans (No salt added)
    Plain chicken breast

    Black beans (No salt added)
    Plain chicken Breast

    Black beans (No salt added)
    Plain chicken Breast

    Pre-workout - Protein Shake

    Post Workout - Protein Shake

  2. Are you allergic to spices? You obviously aren't on low carb, so put some splenda and cinnamon in the oats if you are eating them. And why are you just eating black beans and chicken? Put some salsa on that. Substitute a serving of honey for same calorie equivalent of oats. Have some brown rice and broccoli instead of beans for one meal.

  3. um.. I am low carb. 85g of carbs comes from black beans, oatmeal is about 30g. Post workout shake is 35g --- 150g total of carbs ED. I eat chicken because its simple for me to get my hands on. Black beans, I eat straight out of the can, they contain no added salt either. I work out of my truck, and I need everything to be easy for me to eat and keep in my truck. a couple cans of beans with a can opener and a fork with chicken breast in a bag with measuring spoon for EVOO.

    Steak is cooked about 1-2 times a week.
    I eat 5g of Omega-3 ED

  4. I don't think 150 carbs is considered low necessarily, it's just not high. I understand working in a truck all day, been a telephone tech for 10 years. I pack my food in a cooler, 3 meals a day while at work. So once again, why don't you put spices on your chicken when you cook it? Why not have some beans and rice with chicken? You asked for suggestions. You can get plenty of variety with the macros you need each day. You can eat prepared food in tupperware as easy as beans in can. I've screwed some metal tabs to my dash on each side of a defrost vent so my bowls won't slide accross the dash when heating them in winter. Put chicken and rice in bowl, add appropriate EVOO, throw it in cooler. There is enough you can do to get variety, I just don't understand why you are locked into just eating what you listed.

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