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    Preface: Some people may have a negative opinion of saturated fats. I would not recommend a high intake of saturated fats but based on my personal studies I believe they are heart healthy in light of recent and ongoing research.

    Steak aged for 5 days, marinated for 2 in bottled italian dressing.
    Spinach sauteed in Smart Balance Omega 3 cooking oil. new found low carb alternative to mashed potatoes:

    Lozgod's Mashed Cauliflower aka Lozgod's World Famous Faux Potatoes

    1/5th pound of frozen cauliflower
    1 ounce (one inch cube) Kraft Phil. Cream Cheese
    2 Teaspoons Full Fat Sour Cream
    1 Tbsp Smart Balance 50/50 Butter Blend
    Garlic powder, chives, pepper to taste

    25g of total fat
    7g Monounsaturated Fat
    3.5g Polyunsaturated Fat
    14.5g Saturated Fat
    6g Total Carbs
    1g Fiber
    3g Protein

    Boil cauliflower till soft. Mash. Stir in other remaining ingredients.

    Recommendation. Leave out cream cheese and butter as cauliflower boils to soften.
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  2. mashed califlower??!!! now thats a new one lol

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  4. haha id eat it

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