breakfast blend

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    breakfast blend

    dont know what else to call this but those who love veggies should love this
    i start with spicy chicken sausage (i dont eat pork) cut into small peices grill it in organic coconut oil (very sweet) so with the spicy chicken it is wonderful flavor..then i add spinach, red and yellow sliced onions, red orange and green bell peppers, yellow corn, black beans,diced tomatoes,mushrooms.avacodos, and 2 whole eggs and spice it up even more by adding crushed red pepper seeds and ground cayenne pepper..cook it all together for about 10 minutes..i would use fresh if possible..this is my breakifast 6 days a week

  2. Sounds awesome...but lots of prep work! Wish I had that kind of time in the morning. When you get up at 4:30 to hit the gym in time to get to work at 7:30...kinda hard.

    Great post though! I will try it this weekend.

  3. purelife1
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    it is a little time involved..i normally cutt up enough supplies and put them in containers in fridge for 4-5 days at a time that way takes about 15 minutes to prepare and ready to eat..i work 2 jobs so i prepare most meals days in advance

    thanks purelife1

  4. Sounds great, same problem too much prep. in the morning for me.

  5. Thanks



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