Rice Cake Pizzas

  1. Thumbs up Rice Cake Pizzas

    Alright, discovered this one awhile back and thought it might be worth sharing. All you need is a pack of "Brown Rice, Rice Cakes", store brand pizza sauce (store brand usually has next to nothing calorie wise in this case), some fat free cheese... and any other topping you may like (I like turkey pepperoni).

    Other than that, it's pretty self explanatory:

    1. Lay out a rice cake.
    2. Spread on pizza sauce.
    3. Add fat free cheese, along with your toppings of choice.

    -Less than 10 carbs, and roughly 10 grams of protein depending on your toppings.

    These are usually better cold, though. I tried toasted one, but with the moisture from the pizza sauce, the cake just kinda turns to mush instead of toasting.

  2. Acctually sounds pretty good, I'll give it a shot.

  3. thanks

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