Chicken Nuggets, low carb and better than wendy's

  1. Chicken Nuggets, low carb and better than wendy's

    Ok, so its taken me 22 yrs to finally realize why my chicken "nuggets" never tasted like the ones we have all come to love from wendy's, mcdonalds or any other fast food place. Well I think I finally cracked the recipe and tweaked it to make the diet low carb.

    Before starting anything get a pan, deep skillet or something going with some vegetable oil. Should be around 365 Farenheit.

    The trick is that you need to process the chicken before getting it to go into the "breading". The breading is actually a pretty easy mix. First you are going to get a small bag of pork rinds and food process them into a fine powder. You are then going to mix the powdered pork rinds in with 1/2 cup of soy flour. Food process the two together to make a thoroughly cohesive faux breading. Place the mixture in a pan and set off to the side.

    Take the following ingredients and through them into a food processor. (cut the raw chicken breast into 1 inch strips or so to make the process easier.)

    2lbs raw chicken breast
    1/8 cup of heavy cream
    2 eggs
    Salt, pepper
    Clove of garlic
    Pepper Flakes (opt)

    Pulse the mixture for about 20 seconds until it literally kinda turns into chicken goop. Set off to the side for a few moments while you make the breading.

    Okay, this is about the part where you are going to be like, "Socrates you ass, i just wasted 2lbs of chicken to make salmonella filled playdough". Don't worry, i guarantee it turns out well.

    Take a tablespoon or wooden spoon and dollop a golf ball sized amount of chicken goop into the breading. Play with the mixture and cover it completely with the breading and form little nuggets out of them. Be gentle with them, they feel like they are going to fall apart.

    Shake off the excess breading gently and place into the oil and fry until they are golden brown. I turned mine quite a few times. The physical change that takes place as the chicken cooks is amazing. You drop these little bastards in the oil thinking they won't hold together. Then when you go to turn them for the first time in the oil, they feel pretty solid.

    Take out the finished low-carb nuggets and set them on a paper towel for about 5-10 minutes and enjoy.

    Depending on how big the nugget is you get anywhere from .5 to 1.5 carbs per nugget (the 1.5 ones are pretty big, as in i could only eat 4 at a sitting).

    The macro is excellent for low-carbers and actually not too bad for any diet (i suppose you could bake these and sub the heavy cream for an emulsion of skim milk and olive oil). That would probably make a pretty tasty, heart healthy nugget....actually ill have to try that, it sounds pretty good.

    Well anyways I hope you all enjoy this. This recipe literally wowed the **** out of me and my roommates. They literally taste like the real thing.

    P.S- Dry the chicken breast of as much water/blood/moisture as possible. Unless you want to discover a cool physical property of what happens when water hits 365 degree oil.....its not fun.

  2. Sounds like a TON of work for nuggets.

    Cut up chicken breast
    coat in honey
    roll in crushed whole wheat flakes
    bake in oven

  3. No doubt there are easier ways to do this...but these are to taste like a nugget you would get from a fast food place, and are actually not too bad for you. You can't mimic the texture of the nuggets without processing them.

  4. Just tried this and they are outstanding!! Best nuggets I have ever had. Thanks.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by endless View Post
    Just tried this and they are outstanding!! Best nuggets I have ever had. Thanks.

    Im gonna have to try this sometime this week. It sounds really good.

  6. Very interesting recipe...I may have to try it sometime.

  7. Sounds good


  8. Quote Originally Posted by drivehard View Post
    Sounds like a TON of work for nuggets.

    Cut up chicken breast
    coat in honey
    roll in crushed whole wheat flakes
    bake in oven
    i like this one lol nice and easy
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  9. This isa whole bunch easier if you put the salmonella slop in the fridge for 20 mins. Angling it in there too drops some water.


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