3 protien shake Questions need help

  1. 3 protien shake Questions need help

    ok 3 simple questions

    1. can i blend up 3 servings in the morning and drink as need be ? or would the flavor, protien that can be digested etc.. change?

    2. id like some suggestions on what type of shake i could make if i have a protien powder thats mixed berry flavor?

    3. Im Currently blending up this kind of shake its delicious

    two scoops gnc whey protien ( got it for dirty cheap 30 a tub 78 servings)
    1 tblsp EVOO
    1/4 cup oats
    12 oz 2% milk

    Protien-48 g
    carbs-40 g

    3 x a day
    1800 cals
    144 g protien
    120 carbs

    i get roughly this from various foods
    1300-1500 cals
    80-100 grams protien
    70-90 g carbs

    im trying to get maintain my bodyweight of 170-177 range and get stronger for that look pretty good?

  2. I sometimes mix up some protein powder and water and drink it over the course of a work day. If you use milk, you will need to refrigerate it if you want to keep it over four hours.

    As far as mixed berry protein powder, I have yet to try one that I liked.

    Your drink mix sounds pretty good but I would switch from 2% to skim and double the EVOO (or use Smart Balance oil for a more neutral taste at a cheaper price and a better EFA profile). There is just too much sat fat in 2%, its mostly recommended for toddlers. Also running those oats through a coffee grinder or magic bullet will turn them to oat flour which is much more enjoyable to drink.

  3. yea the oats get blend up real good my moms into buying the finest kitchen equipment lol sometimes when i get a ice cream craving try to just blend up that shake without the evoo and put whip cream in it but the lite kind
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    Try adding bananas, fresh fruit, milk and ice to your drinks for a change in flavour

    Your calories seem very low mate, are you bulking very slowly? what's your training schedule like at the moment?

  5. If you are a peanut butter guy, like me, add in a little natty pb for a different flavor as well.
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