Broken Jaw - Need help

  1. Broken Jaw - Need help

    Hey guys...Turns out on my 21st birthday me and my girlfriend got robbed walking back to the train from NYC. I caught the nice end of a pistol to my jaw and its broke in two places. Long story short I'll be drinking out of a straw for a little bit.

    Do you guys have any recipes that could help?

  2. Sorry to hear that bud, I am sure you can find all kinds of different shake recipes around here but here are somethings that you may also be able to enjoy:
    low sodium beef and chicken broth
    ground oats in milk or protein shakes
    Baby foods, believe it or not some are pretty tasty.
    coconut milk
    peanut butter in milk
    If you can't handle milk sugars well you can find a brand called Hood's calorie countdown which will take most the sugars out of the milk. I would also suggest getting a magic bullet blender or something similar because they are pretty powerful and easy to clean.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  3. Hmm, straws can put alot of suction pressure on the mouth; I remember after I had some gum surgery done last summer that I couldn't use 1/2 my mouth, and no sucking. Omelets with milk that are fluffy went down easy without swallowing. Went through alot of UP 2.0 PB as well lol.

    Pmiller has some great suggestions.

  4. dude i shattered my jaw last year playing football. sorry to hear about your ordeal....thats terrible man. I had surgery and got a huge plate put in but was not wired shut. I could not however chew for 6 weeks. I went from 220 to a frail 179 in that period of time. I drank about ten muscle milks a day and sucked on all the pudding and melted ice cream i could ever want and still lost weight. I must have consumed 3000 calories every day at least, but the weight still flew off. Ure stomache is gonna kill you eating liquid foods all the time btw. I dunno if your jaw needs surgery, but avoid taking the vicodine or oxycotton they give you at all costs. I took one vicodene on an empty stomache from not eating for three days and threw up for 2 days...and with a broken jaw it is the worst feeling ever.

    As for things to eat....the best thing to do is blend spagettios. They actauly taste good, but watch the sodium. Yor gonna lose weight and tons of muscle no matter what bro. Sorry and Good luck.

  5. Mixing up milk with yogurt and fruit in the blender tastes great, and has a smooth texture.

  6. yeah good luck with everything man...just know ure stomache is gonna feel like **** eating only smooties and such

  7. crumbled sausage or meatballs. not the best food in the world, but it is solid, doesn't require much chewing, and its one of the few solid foods you can get down. i like the other suggestions as well.

  8. Thats bad news mine was broke on both right where my wisdom teeth were taken out...I got sucker punched when my holes still had the stiches in them so it was a clean break on both sides of my jaw...i could only stand to have my jaw wired shut for 4 weeks so i cut the wires and removed them myself.don't do it that it was by far the worst pain i have ever felt.i lost 30 pounds i drank ensures,slim fast protein shakes anything i could suck down alot of stuff you just have to water it down of luck

  9. your not the only one, got into a terrible car accident 2 nights ago. broken nose, broken jaw, and stitches all over my mouth and face. Luckily only face was hurt so i can still lift

  10. thanks for the help guys! I'm gonna ask the doc when I can start lifting again. I think I can do low weight, as long as I dont clench my jaw. So no maxin out deadlifts for a while.

    Before this happened I was on a keto diet tryin to get cut up for summer. Do you think I should completely ditch the keto diet? I mean this situation kind of sounds like the perfect time to try the Velocity Diet.

    I was also thinking if I should just ditch trying to cut all together right now and just order some weight gainer and just pound that all day? What do you guys think?

  11. dude i think ure gonna lose a ton of weight if u drink 10,000 calories of weight gainer. U really cant maintain any body weight on a liquid diet for whatever reason.

    As for lifting, the docs probably gonna say no excercising period for 4-6 weeks. U clench ure jaw all the time and not just when lifting heavy. I tryed to squat the day after i broke it and blood filled my mouth instantaneously. You gotta let the bone set man. Id personally take the time off no matter how bad it sucks....after 3 weeks tho i couldnt take it and had to jog and do push ups and sit ups.

    Best of luck man....I know how bad that sucks and how painful it is.


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