Hard Boiled, scrambled, egg white mix?

  1. Hard Boiled, scrambled, egg white mix?

    I love eggs. I usually just eat hard boiled eggs without the yolk. Lately I have been getting sick of my morning routine which consists of a grapefruit, 6 egg whites, and a cup of coffee. Is it really that terrible for you to eat scrambled eggs, or should I just buy the overpriced egg whites that come in the carton ready to go...?

  2. eat whole eggs thats the only way to get the complete protein and all the amino acids.

  3. its easy to seperate yolks from the whites if u really want to only eat them. i use to just crack the egg into 2 parts, and transfer the yolk back and forth between the half shells, white falls right out

  4. hey you can try cooking scrambled eggs with different variations

    I found a cool blog site by Olivia Maria, I love cooking scrambled eggs

    copy and paste it in your browser: recipesforeggs.com

    hope you'll love it too.

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