Low fat Breakfast

  1. Smile Low fat Breakfast

    Waffle Sandwich

    4 Kashi GoLean waffles or Whole Wheat waffles, blueberry flavor
    1 cup fat free cottage cheese
    2/3 cups frozen whole strawberries
    1 kiwi fruit, peeled and sliced thin
    1-2 packets of splenda

    Place cottage cheese and strawberries in blender. Blend until strawberries are thoroughly mixed, and mixture is thick and spreadable.
    Toast all 4 waffles as desired.
    Spread mixture on 2 waffles, top with sliced kiwi, and top with remaining 2 waffles.
    Makes 2 servings.

    Per serving:
    308 calories
    24 grams protein
    49 grams carbs
    3 grams fat
    8 grams fiber

  2. yummy! i take it!

  3. I love those Kashi waffles too. Keep in mind your body needs fat to burn fat and breakfast is a good time to take in some healthy fats.

  4. not bad, ill try that one. I've always found it hard to come up with a decent breakfast that is high protein low fat.

  5. Def. going in my cookbook

  6. I have never thouht of blending cottage cheese with fruit, though I have eaten them togther unblended. Sometimes its right in front of your face, thanks for the idear.


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