Baked Chicken Breast Seasoning Recipe's

  1. Baked Chicken Breast Seasoning Recipe's

    As everyone knows, chicken is a staple in the body builder's diet. I personally enjoy seasoning boneless skinless chicken breasts and baking 6 at a time and that makes dinner for the week. Problem is that I've seasoned them the same for 2 years and need some new seasoning ideas. Currently, I start by brushing Dale's on them, then use a generous amount of pepper, a moderate amount of garlic powder, and a few crushed red peppers, all on both sides, then stick it in the oven and it comes out juicy and tasty... just wondering if anyone else had other ways to season them so I could try it out!

  2. I sometimes bake them with a hot or medium salsa on top to mix it up a bit

  3. What is Dale's?

  4. liquid seasoning. Nearly black in color. very strong flavor, but really good. Real popular in the SOUTH. Lots of hunters swear by it for marinating game meat

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    What is Dale's?

  5. you could add a can of diced tomatoes to your chicken and let it cook in it. It tastes great the you just have to add some pepper, chopped garlic and some salt free spices.

  6. mandarin jelly is really good. Add some cinnomon, brown sugar. Awsome bake in the oven. Gives it a little sweet taste. Not alot of sweetner just good bit of cinnomon. Oh if you let it marinade over night it would be even better!

  7. Try pounding it flat in between saran wrap with a meat mallot. Then stuff each breast with mediteranean flavors: kalamata olives, feta cheese, diced tomatoes, spinach leaves, etc.

    Or stuff with ham and mozzarella cheese (otherwise known as chicken cordon bleu, without the breading).

    Emeril's chicken rub seasoning is okay too.

  8. i use a rub from mccormicks, i think it is called 'sweet chipotle' maybe. it comes in a little round jar. i cook 3 lbs at a time also and sprinke this on it. at my Kroger they have a packet of marinade sauce, just generic that is 'southwestern' flavor, i just sprinkle that on it if i don't want to hassle with making the marinade. great either way.

  9. everything sounds good

  10. I use Montreal seasoning with the red Mexican salsa that's used on burritos. I also have a container of extra virgin olive oil with garlic and I'll spread that on before baking it along with some no calorie butter spray.

  11. I put a few chicken breasts in a large ziploc bag and pound them flat. Then I season them with Mrs. Dash Chipotle... I think it actually says "Southwest Chipotle". Then I bake it until it's done the way I like it. Low fat, low carb, and high protein. I love it!!

  12. Tony Chachere's creole seasoning and Slap Ya Mommas are both pretty good. They might not be available everywhere though.

  13. I personally like to brush the CB with a bit of olive oil, some fresh garlic, and fresh ground pepper. Its pretty tasty

  14. I just do salt and lots of pepper.

  15. I use Tony's also. Its Great!!!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by SoCo4Fun View Post
    What is Dale's?
    It's basically Soy sauce. I used to be able to find it around here and now I can't for the life of me...

    But, I've been using 2 part Soy, 1 part Worcestershire sauce with onion and garlic powder and the results are VERY similar. They may have some pepper in the Dale's too and other little spices. But it's been a year since I've found it and again, tastes very similar to what i now use.

    It does make meat AWESOME!! Plus, 20-30 minute soak is all it takes(for steaks).

  17. Spread it with salsa sauce and a good amount of pepper. Just reading this thread makes me hungry.


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