Chili Cheese Fries?

  1. Chili Cheese Fries?

    Ok, so I do not actually have a recipe. I do, however have an idea... I was thinking what if you made sweet potato fries (there is a really good link on this forum to make them), you take black beans (how much I have no idea, 1/4 cup?) Extra lean ground beef made with a reduced sodium taco seasoning, and a fat free shreaded cheese. Do they even make fat free shreded cheese? I just thought I would put the idea out there and see if there is any brave takers haha. Would you say thats too much carbs for 1 meal? I mean its pretty low G.I, but its still most likely tons of carbs.

    Since I have brought this up, let me tell you briefly my situation. I am a 25 year old guy and engaged. I get super serious and then super not serious at all about lifting. In fact im pretty over weight now. I weigh 196 right now, and have a wedding in may. We had to move the time so a family in the millitary could be a part of it. So I would honestly like to weigh about 170 now, or however much would be shreded with some mass still on me. Here is the diet I am considering (keep in mind I am actually a student teacher so it is hard to eat perfect while teaching haha)

    1 whole wheat bagel with fat free/reduced fat cream cheese (depends on what I normally find)
    2. Proten drink
    3. Fruit (normally a bananna or grapes)

    1. tuna salad sandwich, made with light miracle wip/ sugar free relish, and 2 slices of whole wheat bread.

    Right after school lunch
    1. 1 cup Brown Rice,
    2.Chicken breast,
    3. broccli
    4. (fruit? I normally go to the gym right after school around 2:30)

    1. Sweet Potato Fries
    2. Extra lean ground turkey

    1. bowl of cottage cheese/ maybe yogurt.
    2. Protein drink

    I am really open to any criticisms/ advice. I am not a pro, I just know that keeping the low G.I. carbs is a must! Would you guys say this is enough/not enough food to meet my goals?
    I wrote the ideda for chili cheese fries because it sounds good, but I dont know if its too bad to include in this diet. Thanks for reading all of this!

  2. your diet looks pretty good. about the fries if you put ground turkey itd be a little better for you, but as long as you like split it up into good enough portions you should be fine man

  3. Good call spress444. Its funny you said that because I even have a meal where I am eating sweet potato fries and ground turkey, I just didn't connect the dots.

  4. these sound good

  5. I actually got around to making them, and absolutly loved it!

  6. OP,
    Low sodium taco seasoning= ground cumin and chili powder. Add cayenne or pepper flakes if you like it hot. maybe garlic powder too. Go easy on the cumin though, too much will ruin it.

  7. wow good idea, I never really thought about what taco seasoning is.


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