Flank steak extrordonaire!

  1. Talking Flank steak extrordonaire!

    This is a greak bulker.

    1-2 pound flank steak
    1 bag egg noodles
    olive oil
    4 cubes chicken or beef boullion

    Heat a few tbls olive oil in pan, HOT about 4-5 min on high
    while heating, season flank with pepper, little salt
    cover flank in flour, not smothered, just whitened.
    Meanwhile, boil 32ounces water with boullion cubes
    put flank in heated pan, braising both sides about 3-4 min per side
    Pour boullion broth into pan with flank, reduce heat to low

    Let simmer for 2 1/2 hours or so
    when close to done, cook egg noodles like you would any other pasta.

    Serve flank over egg noodles, using broth in pan as sauce.

    This takes awhile, i usually make 2 pounds or more, then use it as lunch for next day as well. HIGH protein and carbs flavor is well worth the wait, trust.

  2. sounds great. Ill do it exactly, but omit the noodles. Sounds yum.


  3. Thumbs up

    I'll try it

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Cfour View Post
    I'll try it
    its mezmorizing.

  5. great recipe

  6. Going to give this a try and sub egg noodles with Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta. I know egg noodles make this a great dish but I gotta sacrifice for diets sake.
    Thanks for the recipe!


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