Super lowfat, high protein, high fiber tex mex dip.

  1. Super lowfat, high protein, high fiber tex mex dip.

    First off this recipe contains cottage cheese, but go at this with an open mind. A lot of the people on this forum liked my cottage cheese ranch dip, so I messed around a bit and came up with this recipe:

    1- can of refried beans (315 total calories)- 56g of carbs/17.5g of prot/1.5g of fat and 17.5g of fiber

    1- 16oz tub of NF cottage cheese (480 calories)- 30g of carbs/78g of prot

    5 servings of craft fat-free cheddar cheese (225 calories)- 10g carbs/45g of protein

    1- packet of taco seasoning

    1- some salsa (tostitos)

    Take a 9 inch square pan and spread the beans evenly out. Take the container of cottage cheese and blend/food process/magic bullet it, whatever. Try and get it as creamy as possible. Mix half of the packet of seasoning into the creamy CC and then layer that over the beans. Cover the top of the CC with the cheese. Dollop on a few spoon fulls of salsa to very lightly cover the cheese and sprinkle a little more of the seasoning over the salsa/cheese.

    Let it sit for about 2 hours before eating and enjoy. There is hardly any fat and pretty low in carbs compared to the protein content, so baked lays actually go pretty well with it. The casein makes it a great bedtime snack, and the fiber will keep your BS in check.

    Broken into 4 servings (which are huge).

    255 calories with a 57/39/4 (p/c/f) breakdown.

    Add in some sliced avocado for some great flavor and added fat content. Enjoy!

  2. damn that sounds good

  3. mix this with the burritos a couple threads down and have a banging dinner!

  4. I made this again last night and it's bomb. Take about 6 low-fat ritz crackers and get as much of this stuff on that cracker and its filling and only a smidgen of calories. I eat it before I go to bed because of the fiber and casein from the CC. Its really good, I recommend you guys try it out.

  5. I'm all about a good tex mes dip Will have to try and maybe get a Good Pic of it.
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  6. that sounds good.. i might make some when i get home this weekend


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