tuna or chicken guacamole pita.

  1. tuna or chicken guacamole pita.

    ok, this is AWSOME restaurant quality stuff.. AND very easy to make. you'll need the following 5 indredients.

    1) 3-4 oz of meat! - you can either use tuna straight from the can (drained), or simply use left over chicken (cubed or shredded).

    2) 1 avocado- small to medium avocado

    3) tomato -1/2 regular tomato or one small (1 roma tomato works well)

    4) onion - about 1/8 cup

    5) 1 Pita- i use wheat, sliced in half so you have two pockets. TOASTED. in a toaster, or pan if you dont have one (all you broke students).

    start by slicing the avocado in half, remove the seed. with a spoon, scoop the avocado meat out and place it in a bowl or cup ( i use a regular cup). dice your onions and tomatoes and place them in with your avocado, add a tsp of salt if you wish, and mix well. go ahead and toss in the chicken OR tuna, mix again. you now have your stuffing. proceed to stuff both pita pockets with the stuffing and wallaaah!! guacamole protein pitas!

    tip: for additional flavor you can add some lime. to spice it up even more, i also add a bit of tapatio or some dirt cheap EL Pato jalapeno sauce.

  2. Now that's a nice way to spice up chicken and tuna.

  3. yummy, trying to get new ideas for my next diet phase.

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