High Protein Toastie - Easy To Make

  1. High Protein Toastie - Easy To Make

    I make this sometimes when my mum hasn't made me lunch, tasty and makes a nice change...

    You'll need:

    2 Slices of whole wheat bread (i dont use white bread)
    40-50grams low fat Cheddar Cheese
    Extra fillings of choice, preferably some chopped Cucumber slices and/or Tomatoes (tastes real nice with cucumber)

    You'll need a toastie maker for this obviously. Takes around 4-5 minutes to make in the Toastie maker, more than 5minutes tends to burn it. Rough nutrient breakdown would be:

    Protein: 20-23grams
    Fat: 8grams (under 5grams saturated)

    I think total calories should be around just over 300?

    Tastes real nice eaten with some sauce like ketchup. Simple and easy to make, doesn't take long to eat either. Just thought id share this

  2. a cheese and cucumber sandwich?? at least throw in a steak or a chicken breast or even a tin of tuna.

  3. Im vegetarian. Was thinking of starting up on Tuna but worried about mercury in the tuna so i'll leave it for now...I eat odd bits of chicken now and again though, hey if you could add in some peices of chicken into the Toastie i wouldn't mind.

    Maybe i'll try that sometime If i have this toastie for lunch at times, i just finish off with a bowl of 200grams of lowfat yogurt which I have everyday with lunch anyway, another 10grams of good protein.

  4. A vegetarian...sucks to be you

  5. id do the same sandwich,but throw in half a tub of cottage cheese with some shredded mint leaves if you dont like the taste of cc,that,ll beef up the protein a whole lot better bro!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Australian made View Post
    A vegetarian...sucks to be you
    haha! yeh, tell me about it. Im going to definately start eating chicken more, first i better learn how to cook chicken though lol.

    I've put on some real good mass in the last year even though im a vegetarian, so thats good i guess.

    The thing with toasties is, you dont need to use butter in the bread so you can have less fat, and stuff it with whatever you want, easier to eat as your fillings wont fall out unlike a sandwich if you've got too much in there.

    Tastes real nice even with a sweet natural sauce made from Dates (just had some today actually, pretty good)


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