Protein oatmeal?

  1. Protein oatmeal?

    Ok so I have been reading that some of you like oatmeal with protein in it. OK great idea! So I took two scoops of my protein to work with me and they have oatmeal for free at work. I made the oatmeal and then mixed in the protein and it smelled great , but the taste not so much. So what did I do wrong. I love protein shakes and I love oatmeal why can't I mix them right. Oh I was using no flavor oatmeal and the BSN Protein strawbarry shake. Is it just the type of protein I used or to much. Because I wanted to get about 40 grams of protein right in the morning. There must be a way. Any help would be great.

  2. chocolate protein tastes a bit better.

  3. I didn't have success with heated oatmeal and protein. I don't think heat and whey mix very well.

    I've always mixed the two in milk, cold, in a shaker. If you can, throw the oats in a blender or get ground oats. Mix those with whey in a shaker and you can drink it easy enough.
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  4. I eat it all the time and love it.
    1) You have to wait for the oatmeal to cool off for a few minutes before adding the whey, or the whey will make it pasty.
    2) Sweeter protein powders taste better in oatmeal, and you can add splenda to make them sweeter.

    I usually use Rocky Road flavored Optimum Nutrition whey. The chocolate is good too, but it needs extra splenda to taste pretty good. Strawberry is a little weird tasting in oatmeal. vanilla can be ok... Chocolate and variations of it are best.

  5. Chocolate works best and its even better with a scoop of natty peanut butter mixed in. It removes the need for sweetners.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Chocolate works best and its even better with a scoop of natty peanut butter mixed in. It removes the need for sweetners.
    MMM, natty P.B. gonna try that.

  7. I mix mine in a a blender as a milk shake with the following which makes 2 20oz+ shakes. I put them in the fridge overnight before drinking because I don't like luke warm stuff...

    - 6 ice cubes
    - 2 cups of oats (2 cups water); heat for 3 minutes in microwave
    - 2 tablespoons vanilla yogurt
    - 1 cup soy milk
    - 4 teaspoons instant coffee
    - 2 teaspoons natty pb
    - 2 teaspoons cinnamon
    - 3 scoops chocolate whey
    - 2 teaspoons bcaa's
    - 2 teaspoons creatine mono
    - 2 scoops essentials+joint

    Mix it all in a blender and pour into two different shaker containers...

  8. guys guys guys. The BEST whey to mix in with oatmeal is All The Whey's Cinnabun. Seriously......... give it a try and you'll thank me later!

  9. put your oats in a mixer so that it becomes a fine powder.. just like your protein... Works great!!! and you can drink down the oats and protein shake all at once. Great for on the go!!! This is the only way i take my oats.

  10. It took until Post 8 for somebody to tell the poor guy he needs to add Cinnamon Bun protein to make it taste amazing! That's quick fix #1. Other suggestion: Add Splenda, Cinnamon or other spices, and then also frozen berries if you can. Also it sounds like you might not have added enough protein.

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  11. Oat Bran is another option..flavor to your liking.
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by lennoxchi View Post
    MMM, natty P.B. gonna try that.
    i hate ur avi

  13. Quote Originally Posted by AZMIDLYF View Post
    Oat Bran is another option..flavor to your liking.
    Like the bulk stuff or the breakfast cereal? Do you just put the protein in the cereal with milk because I have done that, But I really don't want to take a gallon of milk to work to eat my food. I don't want people to think it is the office milk and everyone can have some.
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  14. I use water myself...I don't mind the taste.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons


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