chicken breast v chicken thighs

  1. chicken breast v chicken thighs

    OK Im a huge fan of chic thighs even well trimmed with all the fat and skin gone how do you think they compare w chken breast, wayyy more moist and flavorfull IMHO!!

  2. Hmm.. I need to try these it seems. Any cheaper?

  3. Even without the skin, they are still much fattier.
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  4. I'm an a$$ man myself....although a big pair of natural breasts also taste good..........but that juicy thigh/a$$ meat makes me drool.......

    Oh definitely chicken thighs......but I'm cutting now, gotta mix it up.

    Instead of buying that jumbo bag of thighs, I buy one of those cornish hens, which is 500 calories for the WHOLE hen......and I eat the bones too.

    and with some rice beans, can't beat it @ $3 for a restaurant meal.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ozarkaBRAND View Post
    Hmm.. I need to try these it seems. Any cheaper?
    yes they are way cheaper too, but as mentioned above even trimmed are way fattier

  6. just about to start this thread

    i burned myself out on chicken breasts so i moved on to thighs. grilling on the George Foreman.
    went on to grilling chicken breasts again, felt 110% better.

    yeah, they're dry, but the chicken breasts thread is helpful. i don't mind eating dry chicken with some ketchup or lettuce and peas.

  7. Ha.. I tried out the thighs this week, grilled on the george foreman grill. Not bad, still pretty juicy.


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