Muscle Building Pancakes

  1. Muscle Building Pancakes

    Traditional pancakes are basically just flour and eggs, so you can tweak the traditional recipe to make it more physique friendly.

    1 cup oat flour
    2 whole eggs
    4 egg whites
    1 scoop protein powder
    1/4 cup blueberries

    Mix above ingredients together and cook in a hot pan or griddle.
    Serve with sugar-free syrup.

    Play with the ratios of eggs to flour to get your preferred recipe. Too many eggs and too little flour makes the cakes too dense, but if you go too far the other way you will be increasing the carbs and decreasing the protein, and at some point you might as well just eat regular pancakes.

  2. We have some awesome whole grain pancakes with sugar free syrup in the morning at Bob Evans on the go. I still stay super lean eating these. Protein powder would make them awesome!!

  3. Muscle Building Panackes that don't have steroids? Not for me...sounds bogus.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by papapumpsd View Post
    Muscle Building Panackes that don't have steroids? Not for me...sounds bogus.


  5. I had this today and it is really good.

  6. I like to make something similar but I add a smashed banana in. It's really good.

  7. I love these pancakes

  8. wow sounds good. definitely worth a try.

  9. I dont even use flour......

    Egg whites

    Theres your pancake lol Throw some milk,cottage cheese in there for protein and fluffyness.

    Add in blueberries or bannas or starwberies and they are the best!
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  10. I prefer the oats ground - makes the pancakes fluffy, not so chewy, but that's personal preference.

    I even done something similar when cutting out carbs: just prot. powder, eggs, little baking powder and cottage cheese. Low carb protein pancakes! Not a new idea, and they certainly don't taste as good as the recipe above, but they work when you're craving anything "bread-like".
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  11. add in some musclemilk
    it works
    tastes better too.


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