No Carb Brownie... its actually really good too

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  1. No Carb Brownie... its actually really good too

    I seen this on youtube the other day.
    Marc Lobliner from scivation demonstrates how to make this no carb brownie.

    YouTube - Scivation NO CARB Brownie
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    i tried it with chocolate whey and almond butter and it was delicious those are the only ingredients needed too.

    I was very suprised at how good it was.

  2. That looks awesome, looks like I'll be picking up some almond butter

  3. i'm positive it would work with peanut butter too, i actually had almond butter at my house tho and kinda like it better

  4. Looks like it will be peanut butter for me. Went to walmart and couldn't find any almond butter <_<

    Just grabbed some organic PB, that should do it

    Gonna try it with some Mocha Whey

  5. I just made some of this with 2 scoops of vanilla Biotest Low Carb Grow and 2 tablespoons of almond butter. That's over 400-500cals..I dunno what he means when he says you can eat this 15 x pd when cutting hahaha...It's tastey though, good way to get some protein in without having to drink it.

  6. "gotta drink xtend while making brownies" lol

  7. "thats gangsta"

  8. Eating a PB/chocolate whey brownie ATM, tasty. I used 2 TBsp PB, 1 TBsp milled flax, and 1 scoop of ATW.

  9. going to try it with the cupcake batter from atw after work

  10. sounds good.. ima try it with some flexseeds in the mix
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  11. that looks so bomb!

  12. Love the subliminals

  13. "they also call for a visectomy and a condom"


  14. wow so I used chocolate egg protein instead of whey (i'm allergic to milk proteins) and it came out disgusting, proably due to the egg... had a really weird consitency but again most likely the egg
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  15. i tried it, didnt put enought peanut butter, came out cakey, but not bad

    healthier than cake, so I guess you can get your fix?

    I'll probably do it again cause it was interesting, better than always drinking protein

  16. mines came out cakey too.. the top layer cooked pretty decent it was the inside that was horrible.. maybe i put too much or too less water
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  17. LOL good recipe, FUNNY VIDEO....

  18. I have made this with:

    ATW Cinnamon Bun
    ATW Cupcake batter
    ATW Chocolate

    Using ANPB.

    It took me several tries to get the consistency right, but well worth the experimenting. Its getting cold here in the midwest and this is alot easier to do than drinking it.

    Also the type of bowl you use can determine the outcome of the brownie. A larger shallow bowl will allow it to be drier and more cooked.

    I dont even want to know how many shakes I have had in my life

  19. yeah i played around with it a little more, think i found a nice sweet spot. Maybe next week I'll have to pick up some almond butter, just for flavor variety.

    ATW cupcake, ATW Coffee, natty PB, flax

  20. so
    2 scoops whey
    2 tbsp pb
    How much water?

  21. The water depends on how dry you want it. I would start with a little and then slowly add more in. I usually like it to where it is a little thinner than a normal batter.

  22. I tried it.......and........ew.

  23. I do:
    1 scoop whey
    3tbsp pb
    2tbsp milled flax

  24. I just made one with ATW cinnamon bun and it was ok..... kind of light and cakey. The batter was really good, I should have just eaten that instead of making the brownie. I think using a little less water/more protein powder would make it kind of like a pudding.

    I also used Cinnamon bun Muscle Milk the other day, and that turned out wayyyyyy better. I actually had the consistency of a brownie. Unfortunately it also had carbs, and quite a few more calories.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    2 scoops whey
    2 tbsp pb
    How much water?

    when i did it (without throwing it in the microwave, i made it a pudding) i used 3 ounces, his calls for a little more maybe 4.5 ounces or so.

    but did anyone notice him saying drinking xtend from a scivation cup increases anabolism by 4000 % lol


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