No Carb Brownie... its actually really good too

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    true, probably would. But I use olive oil like water man, I'm italian. I've got gallons of it on hand at any given moment.

    yea i juss got a gallone or something from Costco of EVOO lol

    i do shots of it with every meal

  2. Quote Originally Posted by crazyfool405 View Post
    yea i juss got a gallone or something from Costco of EVOO lol

    i do shots of it with every meal
    how much does that cost?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Esox Express View Post
    how much does that cost?

    my grandmas got it for me i have no idea lol

  4. Good stuff, almond butter plus the chocolate whey mmmm. Satisfies the naughty craves.

  5. Wow, sounds to good to be true, lol.

  6. These are very tasty...especially when made with almond butter. I fly several times a year, and these are perfect for the plane. I nuke them a little longer than normal so they get dry. Then, I pack them in ziplock bags and eat them on the plane. When I open the bag, the people sitting next to me always comment on how good it smells and ask me wtf it is. I just tell them it's a brownie. My roommates think I'm crazy nuking protein powder.

  7. As a female I cut in half and it still worked out. 1 scoop protein, 1 tbsp pb, but the time was only like a little over a've gotta watch it. Less calories, but a good sweet cheat for a non-cheat day.


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