PROTEIN PIE and FRENCH TOAST! For the calorie-conscious and such...or not!

  1. PROTEIN PIE and FRENCH TOAST! For the calorie-conscious and such...or not!

    ALRIGHT! Well, here's the deal... I have a lot on my plate right now(no pun intended ) so I won't be making this for a little while, but I have been thinking about a few possiblilites. I love to cook. I don't know why, but I do know that working out and controlling my diet has brought out a part of me that loves making healthy creations and not feeling like SH*T after eating them. Anyway, I recently made Whey Sludge for the first time, and no lie, it was delicious. Who would have though a bowl of doo-doo butter-looking substance could taste so good? I also ordered PB2 Powdered PB for the first time and tried it yesterday. Now PB is one of my FAVORITE foods, so you could imagine how great of a find this was for me. It tastes pretty much just like peanut butter, and has about a fourth of the calories in the same serving. This would be perfect for a lower calorie whey sludge. Enough rambling..

    ..A WHEY SLUDGE PIE...FROZEN.... at just the right consistency...could be one beautiful bodybuilding dessert. The possiblities are endless.
    We could make a chocolate cream pie, Just use a healthy crust recipe, throw in a bit of whipping cream, and make the chocoPB sludge turn into a whipped matter that spreads in the crust, cover it with Chocolate syrup and whip cream( or sugar free syrup and SF whip cream) and put it in the freezer.

    OR buy some different flavored whey protein and experiment with that. I WAS thinking that the new SUGAR COOKIE ON whey would be an amazing sludge, or sludge pie. Not to mention a Pumpkin Sludge Pie from last year's seasonal flavors...(AHHH I LOVE PUMPKIN)... Or make some rocky road whey sludge, whip it, then freeze it for rocky road protein ice cream for a pre bed dessert meal... screw cottage cheese, MAKE SOME CASEIN SLUDGE ICE CREAM!

    I don't even know why I am so enthusiastic about this lol. I just really want to make some Holiday food. Best part of the year is when you switch to a clean bulk right before the holidays :].

    Oh and I have a really great HIGH PROTEIN LOW CALORIE FRIGGEN DELICIOUS french toast recipe for those of you who love breakfast as much as I do...

    4 Slices Nature's way(I think that's the bread) whole wheat (50 cal a slice w/ 4grams of protein each)
    1/2 cup Egg substitute(30 calories per 1/4th cup w/ 6g protein each)
    1/4 cup FF Milk(If you use FF Calorie Countdown, its like 11 calories, w/ 2 g protein)
    Few drops Vanilla Extract
    Splenda packet or two
    Cinnamon-To taste
    1/4 cup Sugar Free Maple syrup(30 calories, and that's actually a lot of syrup)

    What I do is mix the egg substitutes with the milk, Vanilla extract, splenda, and a dash of cinnamon(add more after cooked) in a bowl. Then, dip each piece of bread in and soak them thick(that's how i like them) and brown each side on the stove.(using pam no stick butter spray of course :])

    Then sometimes if I cook other things at the same time, I throw the browned French toast in the toaster to keep them warm and make sure they aren't too soggy(but don't make them too dry!)

    When done, simply pour the syrup on and feast. Or cut up the french toast and dip them in the syrup!
    Trust me this fills you up, tastes like cheating, and is only about 305 Calories with 30 grams of protein!

    You can go crazy with it too, I recently made a Powdered PB and sugar free jelly french toast, it was awesome. Threw in some banana and BAAM!
    Also I love egg whites, so flavoring them is a big thing for me. Try using a low calories coffee creamer with w/e flavor you like, came out pretty good for me when I used hazelnut!

    I'll definitely post more recipes as I find them!

    Well, now that I finished writing all that, I don't remember half of what I put, but enjoy!izza:

  2. Everything sounds great man! I'm on the same boat... I love experimenting with "healthy" foods and making them delicious and also protein packed

    I'ma try this asap and et back to ya... !

  3. How exactly does one make whey sludge?

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