Great Tasting Cottage Cheese!

  1. Great Tasting Cottage Cheese!

    I dont have a name for this yet. I am taking suggestions.

    We all know how important the night time cottage cheese is, and I am sure I am not alone when I say that plain its pretty easy stuff to get burned out on.

    Try this out, and let me know what you think...

    In a regular sized bowl, combine the following:
    1. Your normal serving of cottage cheese (or Ricotta)
    2. Add a spoonful (or more) of Splenda
    3. Add 1 or 2 drops of vanilla extract
    Mix it all together with a spoon until blended


    You'll swear your cheating on your diet!
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  2. Edit: LOL, nice change . I am going to try this right now!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by GreenSquats View Post
    Do you mean like mix with a spoon until blended or mix in a blender until blended? LOL.

    Sorry, I meant mix it with a spoon! I just edited the post.
    Less is always more in the mess department

  4. ill do with with sugar free jelly sometimes and add natty pb tastes almost like the sandwhich

  5. nice dude

    with my cottage cheese i take
    1 cup cottage cheese
    1/2-3/4 cup mixed granola
    1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

    mix er all up and yummy!
    sometims ill add half a scoop of whey for that extra bit of potein takes the meal to about 40-50 gram protien

  6. damn!!! that was good!

    cheating on my diet?

    it almost felt like i was cheating on my girlfirend

  7. I just read on another forum that they freeze the cottage cheese a bit.

    it may take this thing to another level, as it will give it an ice cream feel.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by pinchharmonic View Post
    I just read on another forum that they freeze the cottage cheese a bit.

    it may take this thing to another level, as it will give it an ice cream feel.

    Thats sounds worth trying. How long do you leave it in the freezer? Im guessing not to long because it may freeze solid but i could be wrong.

  9. Wow, this is a good idea. I always eat cottage cheese and this is a good way to mix it up...

  10. Ive found that if you blend cottage cheese you can get rid of all the lumps, which makes it alot easier to make stuff with.

    You can make "ranch" dressing, sour cream and a few other things.

  11. I mix mine with chocolate whey, sweetnlow and almonds/cashews/pecans... pretty sweet

  12. Natural peanut butter + chocolate whey + sweetener + cottage cheese. You could even add sugar free chocolate topping, but we don't have that in Australia

  13. i guess im lucky in that i love plain old cottage cheese. i will only eat one brand though and its stop and shops 1%.

  14. Or substitute the vanilla for a squeeze of lemon.

  15. I love all these recipies, everytime i eat cottage cheese plain it makes me gag so these ideas will definitely help me out.

  16. I've gotten to where I can't even chew cottage cheese anymore. I got one of those Magic Bullet blender things and it liquifies cottage cheese. I add some Skippy Natty pb, skim milk, sometimes some sugar free chocolate jello pudding, blend and chug-a-lug.
    I am going to try the splenda and vanilla extract though that sounds tasty.

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  17. Figured this would help you guys here!

    That is for a teaspoon, 4 grams.

    I looked for this stuff at the store the other night, but couldn't find it ( Walgreens ). They said they carry it, butt they didn't have any there. I will hit the grocery tonight! I am looking forward to trying this stuff!

  18. I actually stomached my first serving of cottage cheese in my life, thanks to the recipe from the OP. I tossed in 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon though.

    I got to thinking about yeast infections towards the end and started to get queasy. I ate all of it though!

  19. I am going to try this as I have a VERY hard time enjoying cottage cheese.
    I'm Back...

  20. This may sound strange, but I got tired of plain old tuna every day and plain old cottage cheese every day. I started mixing the two together, and it actually tasted pretty good. Sometimes i'll chop up some green onions as well and put them in there.

  21. you guys gotta try this just came up with it a few days ago
    1/2 cup cottage cheese
    1 scoop optiumums gold standard choc extreme
    3/4 cup ezekials cereal
    pour a lil water on it. and mix until protein is no longer powder. Sounds nasty but the protein sucks the water right up. it tastes freakin awesum. Its a good Pre wo meal 36g protein and 60g complex carbs

  22. I do the same thing with my tuna and cottage cheese.. lol im not as creative as you guys... im gonna have to try a few of them....


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