Bulking foods

  1. Bulking foods

    Hey everyone not sure if this is in the right thread but o well.

    Im in my bulking cycle and wondering about what are some good foods to buy, and make some recipes out of them.
    Pretty much im looking for a shopping list to go to the grocery store with any help is appreciated thanks everyone!

  2. Off the top of my head..


    whole wheat pasta
    brown rice
    sweet potatoes
    I like to use bagels and wraps too!


    Big tub of whey!
    Lean red meat
    tuna steaks
    cans of tuna
    turkey steaks (usually cheaper than chicken and better for you)
    beef mince (If you want a burger make them yourself! )
    Natty peanut butter (biggest tub you can find)
    whole milk

    Extra virgin oil olive. (I like to use Hemp oil. High in EFA's )
    Some fish oil caps too


    hope that helps!
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  3. To add to the list:

    If you live near an H.E.B. i get Mootopia milk. It is similar to hoods but slightly different nutritional profile: 14g protein,
    4g sugar and comes in skim, 2%, or whole. I was drinking water w/ every meal and now that I added a cup with every one I have been putting on weight where I stalled out before.
    Cottage cheese is another great dairy item for bulking.

    Also: Almonds, Walnuts (1:1 Omega 6/ Omega 3 ratio), Cashews are great between meals or before bed. Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds are the bomb: 16g fat, 7g protein, 3g carbs (2 carbs from fiber).

    Vegetables for bulking!:
    Another way to get in some extra calories is to substitute more calories dense veggies for some you may already use. I now put fresh spinach instead of lettuce in nearly anything I would use it in. Edamame or any other variety may be subbed for rice. Lentils are also awesome sources of calories and protein (try to combine them with another incomplete protein). Also, wheat germ can be sprinkled on a wide variety of foods for a good fat/protein punch.

  4. thanks the help so far anything at all you can think of to add please let me know

  5. tattoopierced1
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    quinoa is a great source of good carbs, whole protein, and good amounts of fiber. I believe one cup has 700 calories to it.

    Ezekial bread is another good one.

  6. Alright thanks man always welcome for people to add more good bulking foods


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