Sup everyone
- this one is good b/c its simple and u can pretty much add anything to it and make it tasty

-Boneless Chicken Breast (I usually get a big frozen bag from costco or something) --> defrost if frozen (microwave/fridge 12 hrs before/or hot water)
-Olive oil
-Black pepper corns (or just regular black pepper)
-dash of salt

1) Take a good size of tinfoil (enough to fully wrap the chicken, then shape the tinfoil to hold a spoonful of olive oil)
2) after putting some oil, pepper (i like alot) and a dash of salt in the tinfoil, place the chicken in and take another small spoonful of oil/pepper and put on top.
3) carfeully wrap the chicken so that no leaks will occur (make sure its tightly around chicken)
4) heat frying pan till its hot- and place chicken in pan
5)flip to other side after a few minutes (longer if its a big piece of chicken)
6) it shud be very hot/steamy when u open the tinfoil--> make sure its not still pink in the middle by cutting it.
7) I like to eat with some salsa on the side, sweet potatoes (stab with a fork & microwave 6min) & salad w/balsamic vin.