Maranate your chicken

  1. Maranate your chicken

    You dont have to drown it and it comes out delish every time.

    put all ingredients in ziplock bag enough to give whatever amount of chicken a good covering, I dont measure anything just poor it in

    Olive Oil
    Fresh Lemon 1/2
    Soy Sauce or Worcestershire
    Canadian Steak Seasoning I use Tones brand, but lemon pepper and sea salt would be a good substitute

    Grill until done

  2. here are a couple ideas i use.

    all in a bowl or ziplock bag:

    V8 splash with tyeme, or rosemary


    tomatoe basil vinagrette salad dressing, and some onion powder ,and black peper.

    or just use Itailan salad dressing.

    all will give you a diffrent option to change up the flavor from time to time.

  3. I've moved from ziplock bags to Pyrex dishes. It gives you more room for more meat and marinade.

  4. The sodium isnt the best for us granted, but Vegeta Gourmet Stock tastes awesome!

  5. can you marinate chicken and then freeze it?



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