Super-quick Fajeetah's

  1. Super-quick Fajeetah's

    Quick one here, more of something you probably forgot then a new idea...

    Quick n easy short description:

    Large tortillas (wheat preferably, becasue, well, you know we try for "wheat" everything)

    1Can of refried beans

    1 Bag of small pre peeled shrimp
    1/2 package of lean ground meat
    Italian seasoning or whatever spices you have
    ...All into a pan

    1 pepper (green or yellow or whichever)
    1 heaping handful of fresh mushrooms
    1 slab-o-onion
    ....Slice n dice and join them with their friends in the hot tub.

    Fire em' up for about 5 min (covered for the first few min)

    smear a lil bean over a tortilla and roll up.
    The bean makes the whole thing stick together very nicely.

    Prep time, about 5 min.
    Cook time 5 min
    makes about 2-4 tortillas depending

    These are good to make for a meal, or make smaller packed as snacks.
    If you set out a few tortillas in a line you can just load all of em up and wrap em in foil.

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