best protein for making bars?

  1. best protein for making bars?

    What's the best protein for making protein balls and bars. Would ultra peptide 1 or 2 be good?

    I'd guess that most people use ON's gold standard.

    What do you guys like for bars?

  2. also interested in this. Do most of u use chocolate or vanilla?? I buy strawberry for shakes, and just dont know how that would be in a bar.

  3. I use dymatize chocolate flavor. it tastes 100x better than all the ON i've tried.

    whey + irish instant oats + trader joe's PB + ground flax seed + a bit of wheat germ (not too much or it can get bitter) and stir while adding some soymilk or milk. The amount of liquid you had should be very little, just to get it to stick.

  4. Ive tried a few different brands and flavors, even cytogainer, it really depends on the recipe i think. One thing thing to keep in mind though is Casein powders in my experience make for a more rubbery texture when cooked.

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