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    Hey guys i need a good diet plan for me to get cut up , i want low carb high protein diet cuse i have alot of bdy fat 35 percent...Can anyone intelligent enough right me one , thanks

  2. Getting a diet plan written by someone else may be helpful, but I beleive your best bet is to stick around the forum and start reading.

    If you gain the knowledge to know what/when to eat, creating a diet plan that works for you will become a much easier task, it will allow you to subsitute meals occasionally, to keep the meals from becoming repetative (which for me at least, makes a diet very hard to follow).

    Read the recipees right here in the recipees forum. If you eat almost any of these recipes, and only them, no Burger King or McDonalds, and do 30-45 minutes of excersize, and stick to it, I can guarentee you will loose the weight your looking to loose.

  3. Thanks , true . What is your diet plan , post it

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