Healthy Fried Chicken Strips

  1. Healthy Fried Chicken Strips

    Ok this stuff is off the chain.

    Crunch up a sleeve of rits crackers and put them in a gallon ziploc bag.In a bowl mix up honey and mayonaise together you can test it to see how sweet you want it. Take strips of chicken and cover them up with the mayo and honey mix. Make sure its covered pretty good. Then drop the covered chicken into the ziploc bag full of crackers. Shake then bake! Im not sure how long to cook it but you all get the giff.

  2. I don't doubt that this is tasty, but how is this healthy? Because you didn't fry it?

    I suppose you could use FF mayo, but Ritz crackers definitely aren't a solid choice of carbs.

    Just a little confused as to how this is a healthy alternative. When you can fry chicken yourself in healthy oil, with a whole wheat flour.

  3. Sorry for naming it wrong. It isnt fried. You can substitute it in what ever. Theres mayo with omega's and rits bits crackers can be fat free or what not. But i guess the name should be "An alternative from fried chicken"

  4. What's wrong with KFC?

  5. Ha. Its saturated in oil. High fat.... I guess that next question would be "why arent french fries healthy?"

  6. Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    "why arent french fries healthy?"
    I'd eat home-made french fries, before i'd ever eat this chicken dish.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by imprezivr6 View Post
    I'd eat home-made french fries, before i'd ever eat this chicken dish.
    Ha. ouch. Naw i learned this dish from one of my ex's she was a fine cook! I was iffy about it my self but when i ate this...... OMG it was good. Especially with ketchup!

  8. Atleast try it guys! unless your a picky eater. Which i doubt because we all drink protein shakes.


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