Healthy Dessert

  1. Healthy Dessert

    Got a tip for yall

    Try making some delicious protein pudding

    All you need to do is follow the directions on your fat-free/sugar-free pudding, add 2-2.5 times as much milk as called for, add your like flavored protein powder, stir until blended, let sit in the fridge for 10-15 and BOOM. Awesome and diet conscious dessert.

  2. love this recipe! haven't made this in a while---might have to run to the store now to pick up some pudding mix.

    also try topping it with some lite whipped cream :donut:

    Thanks Rugger

  3. and melt up a square of baker's chocolate and mix that in there as well. only 4g of fat (not bad fat at that) and 2g carbs.

  4. that sounds good
  5. \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  6. that guy is tiny.......................... .............................. ....


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