Oatmeal meatloaf (lean Bulk/Bulk)

  1. Oatmeal meatloaf (lean Bulk/Bulk)

    Alright folks, this is just a slight twist on your everyday meatleaf, but check it out...

    1-2 packs of meatloaf flavoring ( I use Mckormicks)
    2 eggs
    2lbs ground beef (94% lean)
    1/2 cup 1% milk
    3 slices of whole wheat bread crumbled
    1.5 cups oats

    Mix all ingredients bake 50-55mins on 375 in a 9.5 x 6 meatloaf pan.

    cut into 1/4ths

    1 serving

    58g protein
    35g carbs
    24g fat
    about 600 cals

    If you want a low fat version you can use skim milk sub the 2 eggs for 3 egg whites and use a leaner meat like 99% fat free ground turkey. That would reduce the fat content to about 5g per serving and the cals to about 420.

    If your looking for a pure bulk use whole milk and a less lean beef like 73% or 80% and watch the cals creep up around 1,000+/serving

    I usually have some sweet potato fries along side this for a great high cal meal filled with lean meat low GI complex carbs from the oats, ww bread and sweet potato fries and a good amount of fat

  2. Nice! sounds like something i'll have to try when i get in the mood to cook a real meal. I would probably opt for the lower fat version though.

  3. sweet

  4. Damn, I'm making that for dinner tomorrow and scarfing it down.
    Thanks a bunch!

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