Muscle Marinade’s Essential Amino Acid Mix

  1. Muscle Marinade’s Essential Amino Acid Mix

    Just a short article on our EAA mix by our CEO.

    We at Purus Labs have been following the established research (Tipton, Bird, et al) surrounding EAA consumption pre, as opposed to post, for many years now. We actually utilize the exact 5,994mg EAA blend from much of this statistically significant work in Muscle Marinade®, enjoying success on the market for over two years now and counting.

    Let's take a quick systematic overview of this work: First, we need to establish that our path of including ONLY EAA's, and not NEAA's, is scientifically validated. In short, Tipton found the net muscle protein balance after 6g oral EAA to be double that of a 3g EAA + 3g NEAA dilute (note: this was assessed post workout). Now we know, scientifically, we are on the right path focusing on simply EAA as opposed to whole protein as many think.

    Next, we should aim to elucidate the timing of ingestion for max stimulation of protein synthesis. Tipton validated that blood AA concentrations were elevated 130% in both the PRE and POST trial of EAC (EAA + CHO) consumption, and delivery of AA to the vastus lateralis remained elevated for 2h in both trials as well; however, the trial ingesting the EAC PRE experienced greater delivery (AA concentration x blood flow) AND uptake than the POST group, yielding an increase in net protein synthesis. This is great evidence that utilizing an EAC dilute PRE is superior to consuming one POST if you had to choose, but I'm of the opinion that consuming said beverage PRE & POST is the best path to cover all bases, especially when delving into post workout carb consumption for lowering cortisol production and replenishing glycogen (but that’s an entirely separate article).

    Now, we have to decide whether or not CH are 'necessary' or if EAA alone is enough to thoroughly stimulate protein synthesis and yield net protein accretion. Bird tested this via intraworkout administration of the same 6g EAA mix OR 6g EAA + 6% CHO dilute on 32 subjects after only a 4hr fast. EAA alone blunted the normal post-exercise cortisol rise, but EAA + CHO actually decreased it compared to baseline. EAA alone and EAA + CHO attenuated 3-methylhistidine excretion (protein degradation marker), but EAA + CHO attenuated it the most. Uniquely, CHO alone and EAA + CHO significantly elevated insulin and blood glucose levels, but uniquely, EAA alone only increased post-exercise insulin. EAA + CHO decreased cortisol levels 7% as well as attenuated 3-methylhistidine excretion 48hrs post-exercise 27% (EAA alone attenuated 3-MH, just not to this extent). As a side note, no rise in anabolism inducing hormones T and GH were present.
    Lastly, and possibly most importantly, would be for us to utilize the exact amino acids in the precise ratios to comprise our 6g EAA mix. Below is the profile used in most of the above cited research and the EXACT ratios we utilize in Muscle Marinade®:

    Histidine 10.9%, 654mg
    Isoleucine 10.1% 606mg
    Leucine 18.6% 1116mg
    Lysine 15.5% 930mg
    Methionine 3.1% 186mg
    Phenylalanine 15.5% 930mg
    Threonine 14.7% 882mg
    Valine 11.5% 690mg

    Total 99.9%= 5.994g

    In summary, the above precise EAA with and without CHO (6-8% dilute, roughly 30-35g)), taken PRE and/or INTRA will elicit heightened protein synthesis, reduced 3-methylhistidine excretion for 48hr following strenuous exercise, increased post-exercise insulin levels, and lower cortisol levels, yielding a great anabolic/anti-catabolic ****tail!

    Brandon Smith
    CEO Purus Labs
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  2. Great post. Very informative.
    Romans 8:38-39

    Save sorrow for the souls in doubt

  3. The scientific way of saying that Muscle Marinade is awesomeness and everyone should be using it.
    I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CaptHowdy5150
    The scientific way of saying that Muscle Marinade is awesomeness and everyone should be using it.
    ^^^ what he said ;-)
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @

  5. MM is one of my personal favorites
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  6. PR setter for sure ;-)
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  7. MM is my fav as well!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SLW2
    MM is my fav as well!
    Chyea boy!!!! Haha
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