D pol + recycle + Anabeta

  1. Thumbs up D pol + recycle + Anabeta

    Ok so this is going to be my second cycle regarding natural test boosting anabolics;
    The first was an 8 week massfx & triazole stack, i basically went from 171 to 183 during the summer

    ive given myself 6 weeks off of divanil, hopefully ill receive the full effect when i start

    Basically im hoping i can really challenge myself on this next cycle to get up to "atleast" 190, im 186 currently

    im already set up with my recycle and anabeta for the 8week period, ive been waiting to use my first DAA supplementation so im super stoked that lockout supplements ships D pol on the 26th ( bout time)

    ill be using the following supplements: ( i know its not the supplements that make the gains, its the food and hardwork, but i like supplements and these are what im going to use )

    ON 100% whey
    ON 100% casein
    ON Glycomaize
    LG science Postal
    LG science BC + EAA

    as soon as i get the D - POL, IT SHALL BEGIN

    also would it be ok to use D- pol (d aspartic) for the full 8 weeks? or should there be on and off protocol?

  2. Sounds like a pretty potent stack! I am not sure it could get much better Natty right there.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing how well this stack goes and get some feedback on DPol......it IS about time I want to get my hands on some ASAP myself.

    I don't see any real reason that using the DAA for 8 weeks would be a problem.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  3. How's this going for ya?

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