Halovar cycle first timer

  1. Halovar cycle first timer

    Picked up a bottle of purus labs halovar and looking to start my first ph cycle. im 29, 6'0'', 220 with about 15% bodyfat (looking to drop that to 12%). Ive been lifting for 15 years, im in the business, i run a personal training studio.

    Currently im taking;
    l arginine 3000mg 2x daily
    l carnitine 1000mg pre workout
    bcaa's split dose pre and post workout
    oxy elite pro 2 caps am 1 cap pre workout
    Food based mens multi vitamin
    Man vaporize (fish oil/sesamin)

    on whey protein post workout
    zma before bed

    what changes should i make to this when doing a halovar cycle? what supps should i add for support while on halovar? i was already going to get a tincture of milk thistle and take that 2x daily for liver support. and then ive been reading a lot about PCT, but everyone seems to recommend different products, if anyone could simply recommend what actual compounds should should take as part of PCT as opposed to brands it would be greatly appreciated. also, i was planning on taking 25mg daily for the first 4 days, then upping to 25mg 2x daily, then finish the bottle with 25mg daily for the last 4 days. does that make sense?

    thanks for the advice

  2. 25mg is not gonna do much neitheir is 50
    i am currently on my cycle right now doing 50/75/75/75/75/75
    I am 11 days in and thinking about going to 50/75/75/75/100/100 but we will see
    Preload Hawthorn Berry for 2 weeks to help with blood pressure
    and as a start for a pct i would go the route of nolvadex 20/20/10/10
    More expierenced members will be able to tell u more this site is great

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