Fat Smack working real well for me

  1. Fat Smack working real well for me

    Just wanted to post and tell the world that Fat Smack has suppressed my appetite to the point that I need to set reminders on my email to make sure I eat. I have dropped 15 lbs in a relative short period of time, averaging 1/2 pound loss daily.

    I hope I can keep it up.

    Just wanted to let y'all know.

  2. I leveled off at exactly 20 lbs lost. It was a great head start as I am heading back into training mode, yes the 20 lb drop occurred in a month while sitting at a desk, not really exercising other than golfing on the weekend. Curious as to what would happen if I consumed another bottle while actually working out.

    Do I dare reorder or have I plateaued?

  3. great job on the weight loss. Take some time off, and then try another bottle while lifting and doing cardio....the results should be even better.

  4. Interesting... I've never tried a fat burner. I've lost 92 pounds total in 105 days though, been curious about them but people always told me to hold off til closer to my goal. I've been having shrinking loss on the weight off the scale. Only losing about a pound to a pound in a half a week. That is with around 12 hours at the gym a week. 6 hours cardio and 6 hours lifting.

  5. I am currently using some D-pol that my rep friend gace me, the stuff is awesome. My strength and muscle fullness is great.
    Always willing to learn :D



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