Just a random question I wanted to throw out there. Concerned about a friend.

Does anybody know what kind of interaction ecstasy would have with a 3rd week of anHalovar Cycle? Was not planning on doing it but if anybody has an idea of how they would actually interact rather than "Dont do it." Then let me know. Not sure how the release of Serotonin would effect the Halovar, as well as spiked blood pressure (which Hawthorns Berry should help). These are the only things that comes to mind.

A solid cycle is established, just was wondering if anyone who knew the facts of how Ecstasy could interact with a Halovar and Anabolic Innovations Life Support.

I know it sounds bad but was wondering if chemically/physically there would be any actual harmful interactions.

Thanks, sorry if this post broke the forum rules. Didn't see any kind of rule against it. Anyways thanks for the help