Hi, I got a RECYLE sup and I dont find where is the EXP date, I only see his info:
    MFG: 01/11
    LOT: 277710111

    AND A Muscle marinade that reads the following:

    MFG: 01/11
    LOT: 2794111

    cAN anyone help me?

  2. on all of my bottles of recycle...the exp date is on the bottom...but it is a hard to read ink....i have to hold it just right in the light to see it.

  3. again guys, expiration dates are just a guideline and mean nothing if the bottles are sitting in the back of your car in the dead heat of summer or laying in direct sunlight, or laying in your moldy basement.

    aside from obvious perishable items, powders and capsules will last ALONG time past expiration date(years) if stored properly.

    i keep all my products in a climate controlled, DRY office environment and out of sunlight. vacuum sealing would be great option as well.

    do not freeze!

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