Second Halovar Cycle

  1. Second Halovar Cycle

    What's up guys, this will be my second cycle. The first I ran at 75/75/75/75/100 with great results. This time around I'm going to run it on a cut and wanted to see what doses you guys recommend for a cut?

    2 bottles of Halovar
    CEL Cycle Assist
    Animal Flex
    Fish Oils
    ON Liquid Carnitine
    Now Foods CLA
    Myofusion Protein
    Green Tea

    PCT is on hand and consists of,

    Inhibit E
    CEL Cycle Assist
    Animal Flex
    Fish Oils
    Cell Mass
    I also have a serm on hand

    I'm currently 6'0 208 about 13% BF
    Any suggestions/opinions greatly appreciated!

  2. alright, I think im going to do 75/75/75/75/75/75

  3. ^^You already ran halovar?

    Research suggests that your 2nd cycle of the same compound wont yield the same results..

    have you looked at other options?

  4. what other options would you recommend?

  5. There's no reason to change because of that bro science. You just want to be anabolic on the cut. Halovar will do the trick and 75 is good to go.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  6. thanks grambo, appreciate it. I'm starting today and will post an update 3 weeks in.

  7. If you like the compound, stick with it. 75 is a real nice dose and should give you the desired effects...


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