Fat Smack problem?

  1. Fat Smack problem?

    Not too long ago I received a free sample of Fat Smack, it was a little pouch with a single serving (2 caps). I took one cap on separate days, each time it was extremely effective - the stim was great, the energy was awesome, etc.

    So I ordered a bottle from Nutraplanet... I'm on day three of two (2) caps a day and I'm not feeling any effect at all, nothing like how I felt from the sample pack. Is this just my personal reaction to the product? What else could it be?


  2. Are you dosing the caps together or apart per day? If you are separating them then doing two at once will jump start you again. Also if you feel the need 2 AM/1 Later in the day is acceptable.

    Honestly you're probably just building up a tolerance to it. It is definitely still working but the stim effect of any product diminishes somewhat with use. I adapt really fast within several days.
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  3. I got a sample pack as well......tried taking one and felt little but thats what i expected.....I'm sure 2 will be good for me......My only issue is i'm not sure exactly when to take them.....on some of their products the dosage instructions are pretty specific....with FS it isn't.. Take 1 to assess tolearance. If tolerance permits...etc etc etc....do I take em before breakfast? after?....when is the optimal time?.....wish it was a little clearer on this

  4. take FS at least 30 mins before meals. Two 30 mins before breakfast should give you a great start to your day.

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