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  1. I was browsing through your subforum and checking out your products (mostly for reviews on your GDA product) and I noticed this. Yes, it would be great to have a DAA nitrate product I'm sure, because it would be chemically innovative (or at least new) to the supplement industry, as far as the DAA popularity goes. However, a few things conflicted with the advertisements (not just the ad above) including some of the statements that were being said about the product. An example that I thought was confusing to me was when you were asked about if the product is nitrate bonded or not and someone was questioning this being a reason for the shipping delay. So, it was said that there was a problem with the binders in the product and then you continue to state that "everything is good and yes the product is bound".... So with the ambiguity possibly confusing the consumers (myself being one), does this mean that the product is bound as in YES it's DAA nitrate? Or is it bound as in "yes, the tablet or caplet binders are now holding the ingredients together?"

    With all do respect, I think that you guys may have had the intention of offering an innovative ingredient of D-Aspartic Acid Nitrate to the market and trying to have something that other companies don't offer at the moment until there came a problem with the actual hard part of finding a facility to molecularly bind the DAA to the conjugate nitric acid to synthesize actual DAA nitrate. Instead of changing your marketing/advertising and whatever else, it was probably assumed that not many people would be interested in another plain old DAA caplet with some other somewhat useless things, so you decided to roll with it and hope that nobody really caught on.

    I would have liked to try a DAA nitrate product and I ask questions only as an interested consumer. I really don't think there's anything special about making a big deal of another DAA pill with some nitrates thrown in the mix. I am also sure that many people thought the same thing and were holding off to try this product for the same reason that I was/am interested in this formula. With that being said, I'd to know what the deal is with the compound that is supposed be in this product (nitrate bound, meaning DAA nitrate), the conflicting ingredient label, the advertisement that doesn't quite match up with the ingredient label, and the statements that continue to say that the product is nitrate bound.

    If the case be that it's vitamin D3, DAA, and some nitrates, I would rather pay 19.95 for a longer supply of a more stable form of DAA from SNS at Nutraplanet and purchase separately the vitamin D3 as the DAA works better on an empty stomach and vitamin D is fat soluble and is better absorbed with food.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Thought I would answer this question here to to clarify everything.

    The confusion is on me and how I presented things and not on Purus.
    There was/is absolutely no intention of deception of customers with this product.

    First, As I stated in the other thread in the subforum where you were asking questions and posted this as well I mentioned I had been away and not in touch with how this product development was coming along and I was going off what my original discussions had been with Purus. I posted the one AD from back then I had that was more of a mock up than an actual legitimized advertisement. After discussing your inquiries with the main office the did inform me that because of legal patent issues (not the actual manufacturing of the product).

    So basically I was not aware of the problems going on due to my absence and went with what I knew before getting all the details on the product that I needed. I am sorry for the confusion on this for everyone, I was not trying to "trick" anyone.

    It is NOT bound. It would have been a unique and innovative product yes, but the difference in efficacy and outcomes would still be similar even without the bonding.

    Second, there were manufacture problems as far as keeping the tablet bound together. This caused significant delays along with aforementioned issues. This is one of the things I mentioned.

    Third, SNS is a good company and I hope they get through problems of late (I love Focus XT!) and if you want to go with them feel free. That is your choice. You can actually get D-Pol for 25 dollars if you search around and should be around $27-32, depending on what retailers want to charge so really it's not some over priced product and it delivers with the B vitamins used in the original DAA study, and a good amount of nitrates. In the original study in Italy they took their DAA with breakfast so no reason having a little food with it will completely negate the effects.
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