Slin shot usage help ...

  1. Slin shot usage help ...

    1. I'm thinking of doin 2caps before lunch 2caps before dinner (15-30mins) .. Each meal consisting of 50g carbs min. Up too 100g carbs .. Any interfere with sleep ?

    2. Okay to add it on a testboosting cycle or run it on creatine cycle ?

    3. 6-8 weeks as oppose to 4weeks .

    Thanks guys,

  2. 1. I see no problems with that. I've taken at night with no problems at all.
    2. It would only only help in any type of cycle of test boosters. In our research and one study done on the ingredient showed it increased the absorption of creatine above without so it will make it work better.
    3. Honestly probably not a problem but it's always good to take some time off of things. Saying that I feel comfortable recommending 6-8 weeks then a few weeks off.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

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