Halovar dosage....

  1. Halovar dosage....

    I'm currently taking jacked as a pre-workout and halovar along with organ shield and multi-vitimans and fish oils. Stats are 6' 210 and about 13% body fat. This is my first time taking halovar and after some research and talking with people at the gym, I've decided to take 75mg a day. I wanted to know what the best way to take this. 2 in the morning with breakfast, 1 after workout; 1 in the morning, 2 after workout; 1 morning, 1 after workout, 1 before bed? Thanks guys.

  2. Well when do u workout?

  3. I workout anywhere from 3-5pm

  4. U could do breakfast, lunch, and post workout. That would be spread out and still not be too late to mess with sleep. Plus an excuse to eat carbs at 3 meals.

  5. The suggestion above will work fine. I normally dose it twice a day 2 post workout then either one in the AM or PM depending on when I workout (8-12ish hours apart but don't get to caught up in being exact fhere)

  6. thanks for the help guys.
    grambo, would you say it is more effective taking 2 after workout as oppose to taking 1?

  7. No not really I just suggest that due to the insulin mimetics that are in Halo and taking them prior to my postworkout meal. My main thing would be split them up 8-12 hours apart however it's convenient to you.

  8. Ok thanks grambo for the info. Currently on week 2 1/2 and I'm loving it. Gained a solid 2lb and my bench has gone up 15lb and squat 20lb. i'll keep you posted.


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