need to bail out of cycle...

  1. need to bail out of cycle...

    so i got 2 1/2 weeks into a epol cycle when this huge lump showed up in my right nip. about 6 days in a small lump appeared so i started p5p at 200mgs and that seemed to subside that one, but then a few days later a large softish lump in the same nip has grown.

    so i want to stop the cycle but what would be the best/safest way to do this. should i run my planned pct(liqui-clom, and sustain alpha) or should i start a letro/nolva gyno eradication run

  2. Why not run .25m letro or 20mg Nolva right now, whilst on cycle if you want to carry on? I thought p5p was for prolactin levels e.g. leaky nips. What you have seems to be more estrogen related if you have a lump.

  3. well i have been tryin to get an answer here as ive been off the epol for a week now. i stopped cause of the lump and the fact that i got slapped with the worst sinus infection ive ever had. i started the clomid(100/100/75/50) and sustain alpha. the lump has not grown or become senisitive since then.

    im just wondering should i finish my clomid pct or should i run the letro/nolva? i need to know cause i think i can get letro tabs this time, not the sketchy research chem.

  4. Run nolva with clomid right now. Hopefully that will take care of your lump! You dont want to use letro, that is a last resort.

  5. now thats an answer!

    clomid 100/100/75/50
    nolva 20/20/10/10
    sound about right?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by hondizzle420 View Post
    now thats an answer!

    clomid 100/100/75/50
    nolva 20/20/10/10
    sound about right?
    Clomid prob doesn't have to be that high but won't hurt. Looks good though, letro may be something to order if it doesn't start diminshing.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  7. ive read that i should hold off the nolva, 1 since its not a good serm for tren, and 2 thats what i would use to come off the letro when i run that. im tryin my hardest to get some letro tabs.

    since i used letro like 4 months ago to clear up gyno that i had, would it not be effective this time?

  8. Yes it would be but clomid won't do anything for gyno and nova will was my only thoughts especially if you don't have letro on hand at the moment.


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