1. Pct

    Ok so Im nearing the end of my nasty mass cycle.... I have recycle on hand along with liquid clomid, torem and nolva.... Which one of these three has worked the best for you when it comes to phera and maxlmg?

    Also do you mix your serm with anything like gatorade or some type of drink?

  2. After my Phera/Super/Halo stack, Torem did the trick. I would also recommend

    PP's TCF-1 , to use in conjunction with Torem, they have a great

    synergistic effect.

  3. Planning on starting Halovar 50/50/75/75/75/75.. Besides recycle. Can anyone suggest a PCT product. I'm leaning towards RUI-Products. They seem to be getting good feed back on here

  4. sustain alpha and forged post cycle are good options i liked forged post cycle because its got alittle of everything
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