Diet suggestions on halovar

  1. Diet suggestions on halovar

    Im comming off a good bulk put on some good mass. Need to lose some BF. Am planning my second halovar cycle. First was nov- dec. I gained 13 lbs maybe lost -1 percent bodyfat eating slightly over maintaince calories. My starting Weight and strength are about where I ended the prior halovar cycle,so thats good.
    Well the question is what diet is best to use with halovar for cutting? Would a keto diet be a waste ? Low fat moderate carb high protien ? Should I cut for a few weeks and THEN start the halovar at maintainaince cals? Anyone who has expierience Id love to hear advice from. Want to get the most out of my cycle.

  2. I have seen some people use Halo while on a Keto diet and have very good recomp results.

  3. If you are asking these question about cutting, you shouldn't cycle yet. You really need to be able to cut without anabolics before you actually cycle. I'm sorry to say it, but it's true.

    The Halovar will make the effects of your diet/training that much better. It's one of the best compounds for that. Whether you are bulking or cutting. It will accentuate your efforts.

    Try a couple cutting diets before hand and once you figure out which one works best for you, start the cycle and watch the fat melt off.

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