Halovar inSLIDified cycle - what to stack?

  1. Halovar inSLIDified cycle - what to stack?

    Hey guys..new here. Im about to start my Halovar cycle soon. Got my PCT ready to go for after (Clomid, Recycle, Organ Shield etc...) I was just wondering what other stuff is okay to run during the cycle? I also have a can of Animal M-STAK and some Creatine Monohydrate. Is this okay to do during the cycle, or should I wait until after? Wanted to get some extra energy to hit the gym hard as ****.



  2. creatine use while on cycle is an indivudual choice.

    Save the Stak for another time.

  3. The only thing I would really suggest is Taurine in case you get back pumps. At 75mg, back pumps were killer for me. Taurine didn't do much for me, but creatine did. Most however, have much success with Taurine. Try them both and see which works better for you.

    I wouldn't worry about using creatine on cycle. I'd save it for PCT or after. You're going to get some good pumps on the halovar.

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