Recycle Dosing

  1. Recycle Dosing

    Dosing protocols on the bottle are kinda vague regarding meals and such.

    I use 16/8 intermittant fasting protocol, fasting from 9pm to 1pm, everyday. Wondering when would the best time to take my 2 doses... in the a.m. on an empty stomach, or with my first and last meals during my eating window?

    A quick rundown of my typical day;

    6am - wake up (no food until 1pm)
    1pm - Eating window begins
    4pm - Training
    9pm - Eating window ends (no food until 1pm tomorrow)

    It probably wont make much difference in the end. I just wanted a reps opinion.


  2. It doesn't really matter if your stomach is empty or not. Ideally you would like to split the doses evenly, but if you get sick taking it on an empty stomach, then you have your answer.

    So, I'd try and split the doses AM/PM and see how you tolerate it.

  3. Alright. Thanks.

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